Diving Courses

You look forward to the ultimate adventure to discover the fascinating under-water world and want to learn how to dive?! Sign up for diving-course with us, you´ll be in safe hands.

Being i.a.c. and CMAS Instructors we offer internationally acknowledged diving certifications (EN14153-2 / ISO 24801-2) only. With the certification achieved with us you can dive all over the world and discover new challenges.

Prior to any diving-course you need to get a medical statement from your doctor to see that you´re fit for diving.

Open Water Diver / CMAS 1*

Your diving career starts with the i.a.c. Open Water Diver Course or the CMAS 1* diver. This is your first step into the unknown under-water world waiting for you to be discovered.

During the course you will learn all required basics in theory and practice to safely enjoy your new hobby. This includes physics and chemistry and the interaction of the surrounding pressure with your organism. You will learn the technics of your SCUBA unit (self-contained under-water breathing apparatus) and how to survive in a total different element.

After successfully accomplishing all skills and theory you will be given a lock-book together with your personal certification-card.

owd_01.png cmas1_stern_card.jpg

The entrance to amazing adventures is now open to you.


    • Ability to swim
    • Minimum age of 14
    • Current medical statement

Advanced and Speciality Courses

The Bahianus Club Lanzarote offers a large variety of high-level dive-education up to the dive-professional.

Please inquire which courses are available for your current level of education. Each course brings you one step closer to the first professional certification which enables you to turn your wonderful hobby into a profession.


master-diver.png  cmas2_stern_card.jpg

Dive Leader/CMAS***

dive-leader.png  cmas3_stern_card.jpg


specialty diver

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