Hyperbaric Chamber

Bahianus Dekokammer in Arrecife

The Bahianus Club Lanzarote stands for safety and fun.

As a legal dive-operator on Lanzarote we do of course support the hyperbaric chamber in Arrecife, Lanzarote (http://www.hiperoxlanzarote.com/).

The chamber (Dräger) is in a full working order 24/7, staff and technique are governmental approved and industrial certified. The doctors and chamber-tech´s are great guys, know them personally.

The chamber can treat as many as five divers in peril at a time. Location is the Hospital General in Arrecife, transfer takes no longer than 15 minutes.

A fee of €12,50 is to be paid by every diver per year to ensure that chamber and staff are available for all of you.

(Please bear in mind, that the chamber-fee does not cover any insurance. Proper and valid diving-insurance has to be paid apart from the chamber-fees).

And please don´t forget that without a current medical statement your insurance will not cover you at all.

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