The magic of Lanzarote is born out of the elements of fire, light and of course the water. Rough dark cliffs are being in contrast with smooth white beaches. The astonishing views over the neighboring islands and the presence of hundreds of volcanic cones offer the visitor an amazing impression of nature´s power.

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Being divers, we do encourage our guests to take part of the more ecological ways of exploring our wonderful island. Sailing the seas around the archipelago bears a good chance to encounter whales and dolphins. Hiking through the wild mountains of Lanzarote will lead to the discovery of an abundance of rare lizards and birds.
Ride a camel or a bike to visit the bizarre volcanic landscape of our wild Island. Well, yeah of course you need to try our exquisite and extraordinary vines in one of the old bodegas in the interior.

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Since 1993 Lanzarote is safeguarded by UNESCO as Biosphere reservation. Fishing is strictly forbidden around most parts of the island.

The artist Cesar Manrique has left a strong impact on the architecture and the infrastructure of the island. The monuments he left after his death are still looked after and well worth visiting.

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The coast-line of about 200 K´s offers you rough cliffs and well protected, clean beaches. No matter where you´re located, there is always an attractive beach around the corner. Plenty of our beaches received the honor of being blue flagged.

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The average temperatures in the winter are ranging between 16 and 21 degrees Celsius and in the winter and 23 and 26 degrees Celsius in the summer. Usually the trade-winds are blowing constantly strong from the north-east, but in times easterly winds from Africa (called Calima) are blowing some hot and sandy airs over the island. At these times, temperatures can easily increase over the 35 degree mark. There is barely any rain to be expected on the island the average rainfall measures about 17,6 mm per square-meter per year.

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Enjoy the Island!

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