The Bahianus Club is located in the lush tropical garden of the Hotel La Geria, Puerto del Carmen, Playa Pocillos. If you want to enter through the beach-entrance from the south (Avenida de las Playas) you will find our Club after going a flight of stairs down into an artificial crater before the swimming-pool. Before you enter the gates of the hotel´s premises you will find our promotional signs on the lava-rock wall. The left-hand gate is usually open during our opening hours (Mon.-Sat. 8:00 – 9:00 h and 15:00 – 16:00 h). If you happen to be facing closed gates, use our bell in between the signs on the wall.

And if can´t find us: 0034-607 34 27 00

If you want to use the hotel´s parking-lot in the north, you have to pass through the reception-area, descend down the stairs towards the pool go straight forward towards the south (make sure you don´t take a dip into the pool while using your mobile) and then again descend into the crater to finally encounter the Bahianus Club Lanzarote. Coffee and tea are at the ready.

Your equipment can be cleaned and stored in our safe dive-club. Warm showers and toilets are available for you.

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