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Are you fascinated by the underwater world and have you always wanted to learn how to dive yourself?
You’ve come to the right place!

As I.A.C. and CMAS instructors we train according to internationally recognised guidelines (EN14153-2 / ISO 24801-2). With your licence acquired from us, you can practise your new leisure sport worldwide.

You have to pay a visit at your doctor´s who should certify you as being fit for diving.

Try-Dive for absolute beginners (3 hours in total)

You have never been diving before, but would like to get to know the underwater world around Lanzarote? Then the trial diving course is just right for you: small groups of a maximum of 3 people per instructor, because your safety is our top priority. Short theoretical briefing. Start directly from the beach, in a small, sheltered bay, where you will feel right at home underwater. The dive sites are ideal for you because there are almost no waves and no current. A few small exercises in shallow water and your diving adventure begins: colourful, subtropical fish, rocky reefs and everything right in front of your mask. Maximum diving depth: 10 metres. Duration: with dressing and instruction approx. 3 hours.

Junior Open Water Diver

With us, diving starts for adventurers from the age of 12. After a detailed briefing, we start the first dive in a small, sheltered bay so that you feel at home underwater straight away. Maximum of three students per instructor, because your safety comes first!

On a total of four dives, some exercises are completed and lots of practical diving experience is gained. Time frame: approx. 3-4 mornings or afternoons, so you still have time for your friends or family. Short theoretical examination in multiple choice. Conclusion with logbook and certification. Prerequisite: valid medical health certificate and proof of swimming ability.

Open Water Diver / CMAS*

It all starts with the beginner course, the I.A.C. Open Water Diver or CMAS* course. We only have small groups during the training, because your safety is our top priority! Your first step into a completely new world: the sea – endless expanses. Here you will learn all the important basic terms and rules about diving. You learn a lot of new things about your organism, the effect of pressure and gases on your body and which physical laws apply under water. You acquire technical knowledge about your diving equipment and learn how to survive in a completely foreign element and discover new things. After the first steps in the pool, it is soon time for the so-called open water: the Atlantic Ocean awaits you with its multitude of exotic animals.

After completion of the diving course, you will receive an I.A.C. card “Open Water Diver” or a CMAS diving certificate as proof of your achievements.

Now nothing stands in the way of pure diving pleasure.


  • Minimum age 15 years
  • Proof of swimming ability
  • Proof of fitness for diving
  • Now you have reached the first level!

You now have the ability to dive worldwide with another experienced dive buddy and expand your dive education to learn more about the sport and enter new worlds with new adventures.

Advanced Open Water Diver

Der AOWD ist nach dem I.A.C. Open Water Diver / CMAS* die ideale Weiterbildung zum fortgeschrittenen Taucher.

The special brevets Orientation, Group Leadership, CPR and Deep Diving included in this course offer you more safety, comfort and fun while diving. The AOWD identifies you as an advanced diver and you have passed the first hurdle to Master Diver / CMAS**. You are already on the verge of professional status!


  • Proof of Open Water Diver or CMAS* certification
  • Proof of fitness for diving

Master Diver / CMAS**

This course builds on the Open Water Diver (CMAS*).


  • Proof of certification CMAS*/I.A.C. Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • Minimum age 16 years
  • At least 25 dives with CMAS** certification, ten of which must be at 10 to 25 metres.
  • Proof of special course Orientation under water
  • Proof of special course in group leadership
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge in first aid or CPR course
  • Proof of fitness for diving

Dive Leader/CMAS***

The Dive Leader /CMAS*** is the first professional training as a recreational diver and also the “stepping stone” to becoming a diving instructor.

This level of training entitles you to dive with beginners and dive groups. Therefore, with the Dive Leader you already take on a high degree of responsibility and are a link between instructor and student diver.


  • Proof of certification CMAS**/I.A.C. Master Diver or equivalent
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • at least 65 dives, of which at least ten between 30 and 40 metres (depending on the type of water)
  • Proof of special course in diving safety and rescue
  • Proof of special course night diving
  • Proof of fitness for diving

Special courses

In addition to the training steps Open Water Diver to Dive Leader, we also offer you the possibility of further training in  special courses .

Almost all special courses can be completed in  one or two  days. Both theoretical and practical knowledge is taught. The new knowledge is then applied and deepened in practice dives.

SK Orientation 
You will learn about the different orientation possibilities (compass, natural conditions, etc.) under water – so that you can always find your way back to your starting point easily and safely.

SK Group leadership
This course provides the knowledge required to independently lead a dive group. Contents are the briefing, the execution and debriefing, as well as the special tasks of the responsible diver in the group.

SK Diving Safety & Rescue 
The introductory course in diving rescue. In this course you will learn the most important things of first aid and how you can help quickly in an emergency. The use of emergency kits and oxygen systems is also explained.

SK Night Dive 
In this course you will get to know the special fascination of a night dive, learn about the special preparation and equipment required for such dives.

In this course you will become familiar with preventive accident avoidance and the measures to be taken in the event of a diving accident.

SK Deep Diving 
The course provides knowledge and practice for planning and conducting deeper dives as well as the associated safety rules.

SK Search and Rescue 
For this special brevet, you will be taught a variety of skills and practices that will enable you to find objects underwater and bring them to the surface.